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Community-Based Day Program

A Better Life Together, LLC provides a 100 percent community-based level of training that provides individualized supports and services that reflect functional and meaningful activities relevant to a person's age, preferences, culture, and environment. Services will include instruction in meaningful activities and environments, identifying support needs, and providing whatever support necessary to meet those needs. Areas of skill-building are reflected on the ISP and agreed upon by the individual and their planning team. Measurable outcomes will be documented as agreed upon by the planning team.

The agency will assist individuals by developing an individualized curriculum, instructional strategies, and utilizing training and support materials. Some individualized instructional methods that may be used are verbal and/or physical assistance, role modeling, utilization of training/support materials, and environmental cues. All skill training will occur in natural environments by paid support staff or whenever possible, community resources, i.e. cooking, parenting classes. In every individual served age-appropriate materials and activities will be used.

Specific curricular areas include but are not limited to:

  • Vocational development-job readiness

  • Microenterprise- starting businesses

  • Independent living skills-be able to budget money, pay bills, bank, purchase items on the list, order from menus, have etiquette, be safe in the community

  • Mobility training- learn public transportation routes

  • Self care-shower, wash hair, comb hair, wash hands, care for nails, use deodorant, wear glasses, shave, take care of menstrual care, wear appropriate clothing, plan meals,

  • Self-advocacy

  • Sexuality education

  • Access to community resources

  • Recreation skill development-

  • Socialization/Relationship building-focusing on developing an array of relationships and friendships.


The agency will utilize the individual's circle of support in a team atmosphere with the best interests of the individual supported. Individuals supported will have the opportunity to learn about relationships, including protecting oneself from abuse and exploitation and how to develop relationships that foster trust and mutual respect. Other instruction will include relationship negotiation and conflict resolutions, advocacy, sexuality, and effective communication.

Customized Tailored Day Program

Similar to our community-based program, the customized tailored day program provides support one on one either in clients homes or in the community.  Services are individualized based on needs and desires and include but are not limited to:

  • Higher education

  • Employment

  • Mobility training

  • Access to community resources

  • Job readiness

  • Socialization/relationship building


Mobility Training

Mobility Training is short term, comprehensive, intensive instruction designed to teach individuals with developmental disabilities how to use public transportation safely, regularly, and independently.  Our mobility trainers are responsible for making sure the individual experiences and understand the realities of public transportation and possess the skills required to utilize it effectively.


Parenting Services

We help to assist parents with disabilities to learn the primary care functions for their children.  This includes but not limited to:

  • Child care

  • Feeding

  • Being Alert of Emergency

  • Bonding and Nurturing

  • Doctors Visits