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3 Things We Learned From Our Webinar With Disability Rights California - (ORCA)

Updated: Sep 3

Having someone on your side to fight for your is often necessary. Whether its for disability rights in education, employment, housing, person centered planning, health, or safety you may need help as you work to obtain supports and services. If you are a parent, caregiver, or the individual with a disability, it is important to know that there is an organization out there that can help!

So what does The Office of Client Rights' Advocacy (ORCA) do and who do they help? ORCA is a program of Disability Rights California and is funded through a contract with the California of Developmental Services (DDS).

If you're interested in learning more about ORCA and how they can help you, keep reading.


ORCA is able to help you with a variety of aspects of navigating supports.

1. Who does ORCA help?

ORCA works on behalf of individuals with disabilities of the 21 regional centers across the state, including 1) people receiving regional center, and 2) people seeking eligibility to receive regional center services -- and that's just to start.

2. What is a Clients' Rights Advocate (CRA)?

The CRA is a person trained to advocated on behalf of people with developmental disabilities.There are both statewide CRAs, and one CRA for clients of every regional center. While the CRAs are not employees of the San Diego Regional Center, they are employees of Disability Rights California and they do know the law!

3. ORCA Provides FREE Legal Services t Regional Center Consumers?

They provide FREE legal services to consumers of the regional centers, and they work to resolve legal problems related to a consumer's disability, including:

  • Representation at a SSI or SSDI hearing

  • SSI or SSDI overpayments

  • Disability cessations

  • Age-18 redeterminations

  • Work incentives while on sSI

  • Information on applying for SSI or SSDI

  • Appealing a denial from SSI or SSDI

We learned so much during our webinar with ORCA last Wednesday! If you have not watched the replay, yet; watch the video replay below!

Also, reach out to us if you are needing to be connected with Maria Salas, Client Rights' Advocate at ORCA or email bridge@abetterlifetogether.org so that we can make the introduction.

Thank you to Maria & Katie for sharing more about ORCA and DRCA last Wednesday! Special thanks to all who attended and asked really great questions! This was truly a much-needed webinar that was very informative for all!

Our next Wednesday Webinar will be all about fitness for all with SPIRIT Club happening on June 23rd at 10 am. Join us as we learn all about SPIRIT Club and how they're serving individuals with disabilities with both virtual and in-person fitness training.

Visit our events page to RSVP for this FREE event!

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